The History of Habsburg

Habsburg, born a quarter of a century ago, is located in Salzburg, Austria. Their fashion exemplifies craftsmanship, tradition, exclusivity, lifestyle, luxury design and functionality, all in one. The sewers at Habsburg have transposed what was once worn by princes, princesses and the aristocracy into timeless pieces.

The unique clothing Habsburg creates is of superior quality, versatility and displays a special, timeless design. Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg’s signature style is said to be a mix of tradition and contemporary fashion, incorporating the classic Austrian charm. Honing in on materials – loden cloth from Tyrol, cashmere from Mongolia and velvet and herringbone linen from Italy are just a handful of the superior fabrics that are used to make clothing.

A few interesting skills are also used to craft and form each masterpiece – for example, precise hand stitching and embroidery. Wear a piece from Habsburg and you will be taken back to a time when the world was all about gala-like dinner parties, tea ceremonies, polo tournaments, hunting parties and amusements — each one a good opportunity for individuals to stand out with their own style and taste based on what the aristocracy used to wear.